In Memoriam.

I had actually made plans for this entry.I was going to go for the usual light conversational tone, though the topics evade me now, maybe make a few thinly veiled jokes at my ex’s expense and possibly pop in a chicken or two.
But then I went and did something I hardly ever do – I went online to see what news was going on in the world. I never read the daily papers or keep abreast of current affaires. Yes, I know that’s what adults are supposed to do, but No, I don’t.

In all honesty, I find the news too depressing to follow religiously. If the foul bigots are spewing forth their fetid personal vendettas to the masses today you can bet your arse they’ll be spouting the same shit tomorrow. Thousands of people will be dying for the lack of a cup of water and a handful of rice. Genocide, suffering, cruelty everywhere. An argument could be made that it’s my moral duty to know about these things and try to help if I can, and to an extent I would agree. If everyone turned away saying, “Sorry, but there’s just nothing I can do…” then the one person who could have changed it all will never get their shot. Sometimes all that’s needed is to be seen to take a stand, to put a human face to the horror. Think that’s not enough? Then think back to this image and tell me that it didn’t evoke some sort of emotion in you :

But I try to avoid it. It seems to me that every time I read another headline about the inhumanity that humans are capable of it robs the world of a little bit of it’s beauty for me. And yup, I really *am* that egocentric lol I’m scared that one day I shall be so jaded that I simply won’t see it anymore. Ever see “The Breakfast Club” ? Remember the line “When you grow up, your heart dies.”? She cared, and so do I.

However, today I decided to have a look at the science and technology pages. I generally enjoy them and it’s heartening to read about medical advances. It’s akin to cupping your hand around the small sputtering flame of hope.
Except today one of the small articles tucked away in the “You might also like to read”s brought me pretty much to a screeching halt.

“Challenger: The shuttle disaster that shook the world”

I remember it like it was yesterday, and up until now I couldn’t watch even a fraction of the footage of the disaster without the profound feeling of loss I felt 25 years ago.
I wasn’t particularly interested in space. Curious, possibly, but it was pretty much something that was going on somewhere else that had nothing to do with my life. Except this time it was different because of this one woman :

An astronaut, a teacher, a wife and a mother. Due to be the first teacher in space she opened up the idea of space travel as being something anyone could do if they truly had a passion for it. I found myself watching my first shuttle launch with genuine excitement for this complete stranger, only to sit open-mouthed and horrified when 73 seconds into the flight the Challenger exploded. The enormity of what had happened hit me right in the face. I’d just watched 7 people die.

Today was the first time since it happened that I watched the footage, and it’s still every bit as shocking.
So I didn’t blog on the 28th as a mark of respect, a 5 minute silence if you will, for the men and women who lost their lives that day. However, I shall be retroactively posting this to stand as my personal tribute.

Sorry it hasn’t been funny. Sometimes things just aren’t.