Art Journalling… will I EVER get started ???

I already follow a few of these blogs ( and heartily recommend them if you’re of the journalling persuasion ). I’ll be crossing my fingers, arms, legs and internal organs to win any of these great prizes. My luck’s gotta be due a change soon, right? 😉


Expecting a post , were you?

Well, there isn’t one.

The truth is, I’m off to bed in a minute. I’m just exhausted and I feel as if I have a dead weight upon my shoulders. And by “dead weight” I mean “Two 4 year olds who didn’t sleep well last night and were off school today just so they could huddle together in a corner and decide which of Mama’s buttons to push and in which order… followed by a fistfight with random outbreaks of biting and pinching”.

It’s been delightful. I could just feel my ovaries shriveling every time I was in their presence , and I was so desperate to get away I even did some housework. If they keep this up I may have to dust too 😦

So instead of some fascinating insight into aardvarks or something, this post is going to hurl some links at you of fellow bloggers. Some are old hands and will act as inspiration, some are newbies with barely a few posts under their belt who might appreciate a few visitors. Some blogs are strange, some are beautiful. Some are just snapshots of their lives, some are just quirky fiction, but I encourage you to at least look at a couple, ‘cos you never know… you might just like them 🙂

In no particular order :

Right, sorted. I’m off to bed now. If you’re staying up please put the cats out before you go, or they’ll end up practicing their elite ninja skills on my face at 3am again.