Pre-emptive Strike : “I don’t care, anything but flip-flops”

I seem to be struggling a bit with the suggested topics lately. It’s not that they’re unsuitable ( though every time a new one is posted I wince for those with intensely specific blogs. “Epithelial Cell Daily” might, for example, struggle with the topic “What colour shoes do you prefer, and why?” ).
It’s not that I can’t think of a suitable reply, I just can’t seem to get anything down in print.
Usually I take a notebook to bed with me once the kids are asleep, write my entry out longhand ( snuggly warm under-duvet feet and more conducive to creative expression I’ve found ), and once I’m done I jump out, type it up, then go back to bed.
Lately I’ve been getting into bed with my notebook, getting comfy, and then waking up at 3am to the sound of at least one of my cats attempting to chew through my pen of choice for the evening. This is making me grumpy, not least because my stationery supplies are being eaten.
It’s driving me nuts 😦

Hold on a sec…. it’s driving me nuts !!!!

Talk about pure luck….


Film – a 10 minute Free Writing experiment.

This is the very first time I’ve tried Free Writing. I’d be interested to hear your opinions on it 🙂

Film should, for me, take me to places I’ve been before. Forgotten truths buried under thick blanket of time and denial, just waiting for me and me alone. I want richness and bleak nothingness, beauty and ugliness, joy and repulsion. It should draw from me emotions so deep, complex, yet primally simple that they defy rational analysis and conditioning. A film that doesn’t rouse empathy is lost to me. Happy bland climaxes are always inferior to a cruel and brutal reality. I want you to hold me accountable to the destruction, I want to be sickened by my blinkered suburban complacency. Take me to worlds barred from me, leave me wandering the plains of Hell forever calling, calling. A life without pain and love and passion is a life wasted, a film without depth and meaning is just time spent in a holding loop. Make me feel, cause me to cry. Induce me to love you and tell me your beautiful beautiful lies. I am yours for as long as you draw me into you and if you are worthy in return I shall never abandon you. A flash of crimson rippling upon the walls, a tear of acidic realisation, a sweet intimacy. Be extraordinary, be bold. Be the raging child seeing the world in colour for the first time. Hold a mirror up to my face so that I may view the nature of humanity. I may not want to see it, but I’m terrified not to. Show me my eyes so I may see as you see, share your vision and expand mine.