It’s Blissin’ Down Again…..

I love art journalling. Or rather, I love the thought of art journalling. The theory. The perusing of thousands of blogs. The collecting of stationary…oh sweet Lord, the sweet sweet stationary…

"Do ya wannit, do ya? do ya? Well, it's MINE!" *slurp*

But the actual journalling? I can’t get started. I have the goodies, I watch the YouTube tutorials and I’m neck-deep in the books, but I can’t make that first step. It’s been suggested that I consider my ( potential ) output so worthless that I’m scared to waste resources on them, and I’m guessing there’s more than a grain of truth in there.
Not only that, but apparently I’m missing my Bliss.
Endless numbers of art journalists are singing in chorus that I should FIND my Bliss. I should WORK my Bliss. I should EMBRACE my Bliss.
I have no idea where my Bliss is, but it certainly sounds like it’s getting more action than I am. It’s probably snogging my Muse around the back of McDonalds.
It’s frustrating, more so because I live with an artist and I work in the 3D art business, when I *do* work, that is.
So I picked one of my craft books at random and decided to give it a go, and maybe if I post the results I’ll have the incentive to keep going. That said, I’m supposed to be posting once a day and look at all the days I’ve had off with the flu 😦
This is the book I’m going to be working from :

I do hope they don't ask me to put crowns on everything.

I shall be expecting to be frolicking in a Me / Bliss / Muse 3-some in no time or I’ll be wanting my money back.