The 52 Week Project. A demonstration of self-inflicted agony.

I hate photos of myself. It’s not that I’m pathologically vain, I’m just wired to pretty much sit in the corner of the buffet party of life and watch the other more interesting / prettier / younger / smarter / better dressed / well read do their thing. I’m a moderately amenable loner. I’m happy in silence and I don’t feel the need to cram it full of crap just for the sake of it. I’m embracing mental minimalism.

That said, I like to think I’m not a bad sort of chappie. I can hold a conversation and I’m genuinely interested in what’s going on with you.

But me? Well, not so keen.

So why on earth I decided to sign up for the 52 Week Project is totally beyond me.  A small amount of analysis has led me to these possibilities :

a) Phrogmom led me astray with her lovely photos

b) Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally be able to take that in-focus, bright light, no hiding behind Photoshop self portrait that I’ve always wanted.

c) I really need to get more use out of my beautiful camera, even though actually leaving the house isn’t always an option.

d) I’m a masochist with Signing-Up-For-Stuff tendencies.

Anyhoo, this is this week’s photograph.

Right here, right now, this is how my not too friendly friend Borderline is making me feel.

However, being Borderline means that could all change in an hour. Fingers crossed. It’s too dark, too vague, and almost entirely unfocussed, which ironically is exactly how I feel.


6 thoughts on “The 52 Week Project. A demonstration of self-inflicted agony.

  1. i like this image! it definitely creates a mood and communicates emotion. something i find highly valuable in a photograph. i love that you blame it on me. i wish we lived closer together so we could hang out in real life. our combined kids could probably tear a house apart in 60 seconds or less.

  2. Congratulations for stepping out of the box and allowing yourself be vulnerable. You and your work will grow beyond what you might think.
    Even as you work on improving your photography skills don’t discount the fact that some technically imperfect photographs can actually be fabulous. Some photographers create works of art by doing imperfect on purpose.
    I love the background color of your blog page, including the various shades.

  3. This is getting wayyyyyyyyy too deep for me. I’ll just comment that your British terminology makes me laugh every time 🙂 And that’s a pretty sweet photo. #Iknownothingaboutphotography

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