Art Journalling… will I EVER get started ???

I already follow a few of these blogs ( and heartily recommend them if you’re of the journalling persuasion ). I’ll be crossing my fingers, arms, legs and internal organs to win any of these great prizes. My luck’s gotta be due a change soon, right? 😉


9 thoughts on “Art Journalling… will I EVER get started ???

    • It’s hard to say, because I haven’t actually read the blogs of all the contributors… but Connie of Dirty Footprints has a blog that’s very much about her personal journey and living the bohemian ideal. I kinda envy her lol Andrea does some really cool workshops ( I signed up for one of her free ones and it was really positive and came with a big variety of worksheets and meditations ). I really like the mixed media aspect of Creative Fires Studio , and I actually bought Violette’s book before I ever heard of her blog lol I mentioned it in this post . It’s a super-cute book that I’ve totally failed to start with ( my personal malfunction, not hers lol )… but they all look like great inspiration 🙂

  1. i know, i am seriously falling behind in my art journal too. even though i know doing it would help my state of mind, i let me state of mind keep me from doing it.

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