I’m not pished Ossifer, honeshtly.

I’ve got about 10 minutes to do this before I pass out due to vast amounts of alcohol consumption. No, I’m not a raging lush, I just have zero tolerance for the juice, and unfortunately a very hot toddy is about the only thing that’s going to guarantee me any sleep tonight.

Yes, I have another cold. And yes, I do seem to get a lot of them, don’t I ? It wasn’t always this way. As a youngster I was pretty much a picture of health. Then as an adult a decision was made somewhere along the line to let my offspring drain every scrap of resistance out of my body, which I’m pretty certain I wasn’t consulted about. So I’ve had a cold of varying intensities for 15 years now.

I didn’t discover the hot toddy thing until a few years back when I thought I’d try it out on Hubby. His verdict was, “Well, I don’t feel any better but now I just don’t give a crap. Can I have another one?” and I’ve been self-medicating myself with toddies and half a tub of Vitamin C tablets ever since. Unlike Hubby though, I’m not a big fan of alcohol, so I really have to force it down. And I get squiffy really really quickly, so if I suddenly get totally incoherent mid sentence you know why.

The job that I mentioned briefly last night I had to turn down. I can’t really go into details but it just wasn’t a good use of my time, so I’m changing direction and … oh dear, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. That’ll be the booze. Ooops.

Where was I? Hmmm. Possibly best I don’t try today’s topic in case I end up typing “whoop whoop whoop floooooobity whoop I’m an aubergine arwooooo” or something similar, though the spellcheck says I spelled aubergine correctly so I’m not doing too badly. Though I am sweating and I think one of the legs of my chair has suddenly got a lot shorter. I best go to bed. I promise I shall attempt to produce something a bit more entertaining tomorrow. I think I had something else incredibly important to add to the chicken thing, but I’m buggered if I can remember what it is.


9 thoughts on “I’m not pished Ossifer, honeshtly.

  1. LOL you still write quite well while a wee bit drunk 😉
    I guess hot toddys bring out the funny stories… lol.. last year I was quite ill and my boyfriend told me about how a hot toddy will work. He heated up some brandy (and probably some other stuff) and I took one sniff of this glass of hot alcohol and it nearly singed my nostrils! SO STRONG! He insisted that’s how it’s done so I kept sipping at it till it was done. I surely fell asleep quickly & had a nice sleep at that, but it wasn’t till I told my friend about this the following day that she laughed and said that was WAY too much booze and not how you make a proper hot toddy anyway.. haha..


  2. Lemongrass and ginger herbal tea is a godsend for a cold – Twinings make it. That, and you guessed it… chicken soup (if you don’t mind eating the object of your obsession)! It’s scientifically proven that chicken soup has all the goodness to combat colds.

    I read a blog the other day, where the writer said she won’t eat fish because she keeps fish as pets.

      • Add a teaspon of honey to the tea as well.

        If you are too tired to make chicken soup, get some chicken and sweet corn soup from the local Chinese restaurant. It works a treat.

        Hope you are feeling less miserable today.

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