Film – a 10 minute Free Writing experiment.

This is the very first time I’ve tried Free Writing. I’d be interested to hear your opinions on it 🙂

Film should, for me, take me to places I’ve been before. Forgotten truths buried under thick blanket of time and denial, just waiting for me and me alone. I want richness and bleak nothingness, beauty and ugliness, joy and repulsion. It should draw from me emotions so deep, complex, yet primally simple that they defy rational analysis and conditioning. A film that doesn’t rouse empathy is lost to me. Happy bland climaxes are always inferior to a cruel and brutal reality. I want you to hold me accountable to the destruction, I want to be sickened by my blinkered suburban complacency. Take me to worlds barred from me, leave me wandering the plains of Hell forever calling, calling. A life without pain and love and passion is a life wasted, a film without depth and meaning is just time spent in a holding loop. Make me feel, cause me to cry. Induce me to love you and tell me your beautiful beautiful lies. I am yours for as long as you draw me into you and if you are worthy in return I shall never abandon you. A flash of crimson rippling upon the walls, a tear of acidic realisation, a sweet intimacy. Be extraordinary, be bold. Be the raging child seeing the world in colour for the first time. Hold a mirror up to my face so that I may view the nature of humanity. I may not want to see it, but I’m terrified not to. Show me my eyes so I may see as you see, share your vision and expand mine.


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