Absolute proof I have *not* lost my marbles.

‘Cos look… here they are !

I think I briefly touched on the fact I was going to fry some marbles last post, and I was so chuffed with the outcome that when the Post-A-Day prompt posted a poll I instantly decided to post a pic for today’s post and abandon the Free Writing suggestion ( which I’d jumped on an hour previously. Unfortunately all that had happened was that I’d sat with a blank piece of paper for an hour going “….erm…” whilst achieving an almost zen-like total lack of brain activity. If zen was coupled with a rat-gnawing-at-the-back-of-your-head level of frustration, that is.)

So there you have it. Fried marbles in all their shiny glory. Luvvverly.

P.S. Updated my “Me & Other Stuff” page up there ^^ with a few piccies for those of you who have previously taken a look only to be devastated by the lack of anything of interest to look at. Now at least there’s something, and you only have to be devastated by the lack of quality.

Back tomorrow with more waffle 🙂


7 thoughts on “Absolute proof I have *not* lost my marbles.

    • Yes… they were just plain solid glass marbles before, and now they’re all cracked and glittery inside, it’s brilliant ! ( Once you get over the totally rational fear of having to possibly pick razor sharp glass shards out of your eyeballs post-sudden-explosion ).
      As for the thumb, better today but still splitting open now and then at one corner if I do anything. After a little experimentation I’ve discovered I can safely sit and eat toast and drink tea, but I’m *way* too injured to clean toilets, scrub floors, dust, or move too far from the nice soft sofa. It’s a hard life.

    • LOL… how strange that you should post this just as I pop online to post my first free writing experiment. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. There was no big revelation, but it was an interesting insight.

  1. Im very impressed with the exquisite outcome of your results. This is very intriguing work now thats what I can call a definitely a work of Art. Very creative. Beautiful outcome again of your findings from the thought/s.

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