Don’t scratch it, it just makes it worse.

“What are you looking forward to this year?” was today’s prompt.

This year is going to be my year of achievement, I’ve decided. Not the usual achievement I’m rather prone to – the achievement that occurs entirely by sheer luck. Or that other one where I mentally change all the rules half way through just to make it easier. Nope, this is going to be genuine 24 carat self-earned achievement that I shall be so overwhelmed by achieving that I casually slip it into conversation over the dinner table every night. Oh, the joy on their little faces as I bring it up for the 157th time. I can hardly wait!

So here, in no particular order, is my hastily thrown together list. It’s small, but it’s best to start off easy :

a) Blog every day for a year. I’m doing ok so far, but traditionally my crumbling point tends to be somewhere around mid-March. I think I must have 7 or 8 blogs chronicling the appalling weather in winter and not much else. To save me falling into that trap again I shall be mostly avoiding the topic. Just assume at any given point that it will be piddling down here and chances are you’d be spot on.

b)Learn Dutch to a standard whereby I can actually contribute to conversations. I’m rather fed up with standing there, grinning like a loon for 5 mins, before having to say ,”I’m sorry, what was that again?” after the usual uncomfortable pause. It’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity to learn. Hubby is Dutch, my two youngest are Dutch, my eldest can speak it pretty much fluently, and I own no less than 3 full Dutch language courses. I’ve also had plenty of incentive.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I got a rather.. intimate… infection. Had I been back in the UK I’d have popped down the Chemist, bought a pill, slapped on some cream ( though obviously I’d wait until I got home for that one ) and in no time at all I’d be able to stand at the bus stop without having to inconspicuously mince on the spot. However, I wasn’t in the UK. And if having to mime “I have vaginal thrush, could you show me where I can get cream for the itching, please?” isn’t an incentive to learn the language pretty damn quick then nothing is.

c) Do more things that I love instead of habitually putting it on the metaphorical back-burner and metaphorically forgetting about it until the smoke detector goes off ‘cos I’ve burnt a hole through the bottom and I’m metaphorically buggered. That means more film watching, more crafts, more embracing my inner child, more cat stroking, more long walks in the park,more fun!Frankly, I could pop my clogs tomorrow through something entirely unforseen like spontaneous human combustion and all I’d leave Hubby by way of remembrance would be 3 wardrobes full of fabric, buttons, wool, watercolour pencils and needle-nosed pliers. No cash, obviously, I spent that all on random craft crap off eBay.

It’s a short but do-able list. Should failure occur I shall be looking forward to spending the rest of the year attempting to deny this post ever happened… so let’s just leave it between you and me, yeah?


10 thoughts on “Don’t scratch it, it just makes it worse.

  1. Great goals 🙂 and I’m also working to accomplish a few transformations in my life…create better habits, including to write more. You are a wonderful writer. I like how your thoughts are dusted with humor.
    I wish you much success in achieving the goals you set for yourself this year.

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  3. In your dreams!

    All of your blog buddies will be on your back, keeping you accountable to ‘the list’.

    In fact, I’m going to diarise it. Once per week, I’ll check with you to see what you have done from the list. Mainly because I have resolved to do the same for myself. I’m kicking the workaholic out on its butt!

  4. more cat stroking – yes my cat Emily would applause to that idea!
    groetjes van Kat Emily!
    tot ziens: frizztext / fritstekst
    notice: I’m trying to learn Dutch too 🙂

    • Oh dear…
      – Dutch – Badly ( no visible effort made, lots of procrastination )
      – Films – Downloaded a bunch, haven’t watched any. Mostly falling asleep once I sit down.
      – Craft – Fried marbles !!! Even tried my hand at wirework. Much practice needed.
      – Cat stroking – Loads and loads, yay!
      – Inner Child Embracing – Check! My youngest boy and I did puddle-jumping. Everyone stood watching open-mouthed 😀
      – Fun – Not so much, mostly replaced by miserable headcold.

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