Almost On-Topic Waffling.

There’s a saying that goes ,”Start as you mean to go on” that applies every time one embarks upon a new venture. It’s there to motivate you to make that first tentative step so you can look back and say, “See what I did there? That’s where it all started…”

I started this year by discovering I didn’t have any clean knickers.
This does not bode well for this year. Should I have to spend the next 365 days “sans skimpies” then I’m going to end up with an online journal full of posts about body parts generally not mentioned in nice blogs.

One of my goals for this year is to finally get my act together. I figure it’s a decision that’s long overdue. I just can’t shake the feeling that act-wise I could be the beautiful and talented trapeze artist if only I could motivate myself to be more than “Madame Procrastinata And Her Miraculous Slug Taming Extravaganza” ( the one that takes 40 long, tedious, and largely uneventful years to reach the grande finale of “Sluggo The Magnificent” falling into a pint of beer and drowning with a glassy-eyed acceptance in his little stalky eyes).

This decision to be “more” applies to more than just attempting to keep on top of the laundry, and it’s with this in mind I have started the “Blog post a day” challenge.
This is Day 1, and the writing prompt is this : “List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.”


This is a hard one for me, for whilst I love to read about different cultures and look at photos of breathtaking sunsets from across the globe, I like my home comforts.
Strangely, I enjoy not being eaten by exotic animals, diarrhoea isn’t something I want to take up as a hobby, and chuckling whilst my extremities snap off one by one due to frostbite just doesn’t float my boat.
That’s why I have cable and a huge screen tv. I can watch some intrepid jungle explorer pick tarantulas out of his hair from the luxury of my living room with a non-threatening cup of tea and a particularly non-scary packet of biscuits ( non-scary, that is, unless you happen to be my hips ),thank you so very much.

So it’s in this spirit of “Never gonna happen” that my 3 countries are as follows:

1) Hawaii.
Every girl should get the opportunity to wear a coconut bra once in her life, and with time galloping on I really need to get this ticked off before gravity prevails and it ends up looking more like half-shell kneepads.

2) Antartica.
What can I say? I like penguins. I’ve always loved their waddly little walk and admired the way the females pop out an egg and then leave the males sitting on it for months while they nip off to an all-you-can-eat mackeral buffet. You GO girls! Plus the serenity of being able to wander in a totally white landscape gives me an almost zen-like feeling of peace, tranquility and “ahhhhhh…no kids”-ness.

3)Wonderland. (Possibly cheating a bit with this one)
It’s so trippy… who wouldn’t want to go there? Plus there’s the added bonus that the Mad Hatter actually seems to be on my wavelength, and frankly, I’ve dated worse.
So there you have it, my first entry done. Relatively painless so far and very nearly on topic, yay!

On a more personal note…
Things I Was Hoping That I’d Never Have To Say, But Ended Up Having To Today: “Please don’t put your finger up the cat’s bottom.”

Kids, eh?


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